About Us

Mortgage Lead Generation Company

EML Group is into Mortgage Lead Generation Business since 2003 and has developed a niche in the Mortgage Domain. We have worked with many brokers and lenders and have been supplying them with fresh and finest quality leads. We deliver 1000–s of leads to Mortgage Lenders and Brokers across the country. As a Mortgage Lead Company we know our responsibilities and we adhere to that by providing quality leads to our clients.

EML Group’s process is very simplified. We acquire Home Owner Database, sort the data and verify the information, find out their specific interest in Loan for whatever reasons and deliver it to the client in whatever form the client needs it. (Real Time, Email Reports or Instant Messenger Reports, Web Transfers). We also have developed customized Lead Management System as per the needs of the clients.

EML Group generates leads through telemarketing, affiliate network, email marketing, voice broadcasting. All these processes help us generate good quality and targeted Mortgage leads to fulfill our client requirements. We have been sucessfull marketing partner as a Mortgage Lead Company.