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Live Transfer Mortgage Leads | Inbound Mortgage leads | Live Transfer Debt Leads

Are you tired of chasing your prospects?

Are you tired of leaving voice messages?

Are you tired of waiting forever to hear back from your leads?

We have an option for you. EML Group have come up with Live Transfer Mortgage leads and Live Transfer Debt leads where you don’t have to call the prospect, instead prospects will call you. We will keep your phones ringing off the hook with our inbound mortgage leads.

What are Live Transfer Leads?

A Live Transfer Mortgage Lead is a qualified prospect who is live on the phone with our sales representative and who wants to speak with you. All Live Transfer leads are pre-screened to retain the high interest level of the prospect for their refinancing needs.

How does Mortgage Live Transfer works?

Our Mortgage Telemarketing representative will prequalify the prospect. He will keep a prospect on hold and call your office to ask if you are free to take inbound call. If your loan officer says yes we do a three way conference with borrower, Mortgage Telemarketer, and your loan officer. We introduce the prospect with your loan officer and move out of the call. Once we move out your loan officer can continue with the prospect on their refinancing needs and fill up their application.

Our prequalification process for Live Lead Transfer

They want to speak with you right now.

High interest level consumers

Wants to refinance in next 2 months

Not in bankruptcy

Sufficient Equity on their property to refinance.

We collect and double verify all the information you need.

Property Details

Mortgage Details

Credit Details

Employment Details

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Live Mortgage Loan Leads

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